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Law Enforcement

Secure ID Cards - Your First Line of Defense

Personal identification is a key ingredient in every facet of law enforcement, fire protection, corrections and public safety. Identifying qualified First Responders may mean the difference between life and death in any emergency. An easily recognizable, secure ID card ensures confidence and control during natural disasters and is the first line of defense against homeland terror. 

At PlastiCard we understand the importance of providing durable and proven ID card systems for all aspects of public safety. Our solutions go beyond simple credentials to offer holographic designs for counterfeit-proof cards as well as solutions for child protection, gun owner registration, and secure correctional institution systems. 

PlastiCard provides customized law enforcement solutions including: 

First Responder Identification credentials Police ID cards
Fire Department ID  EMS ID cards
Jail and Corrections ID card systems Child ID solutions
GunKeeper Fire Arms Identification and control solutions

The value of positive identification can not be over looked, especially at the very small cost of an up to date ID card. Please contact us for a free needs analysis and learn more about PlastiCard's complete line of law enforcement ID card systems, supplies and service.

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