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Child Keeper

Child Safety Made Simple 

No single program does more to keep children safe than those that identify them by personal characteristics such as photographs, physical descriptions and fingerprints. Child Keeper easily captures this valuable information for parents to be quickly available when it is needed most.

Local police and community service groups can sponsor events that build good will at the same time they are helping parents protect their kids.  PlastiCard Child Keeper is a critical and successful solution for child identification programs across the United States.

Child Keeper allows for:

Photographs Fingerprints
Signatures Child General Info
Parent Info Medical Info
Supplemental Info

Police can provide paper data sheets or plastic ID card to parents.

Data Storage:

Paper Information Forms Identification Cards
Database Storage Write CDs or Disk

Parents can purchase a CD to maintain data on a PC, update information as child matures, and print their own forms.

Please contact us by e-mail to learn more about Child Keeper or call 1-800-742-2273 to speak directly to a PlastiCard ID card consultant.

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