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Gun Keeper

Your Single Solution for Firearm Permit Management

Gun KeeperTM is a complete management system for the creation, issuing and tracking of firearm permits and registrations. Agencies issuing gun permits and registrations can benefit from cost savings and the image enhancement provided by secure plastic card permits.

This all in one system alows for:

Permit Design Enrollment
Image Capture Issuance
Dealer License Gunsmith License
Payroll Record Payment Coupon

The software provides flexibility by linking a card layout to one or more categories of cardholders. Gun Keeper utilizes MS Access database. Links to other client ODBC databases (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, etc.) are available. Custom data fields are easily added.


Card Design & Form Editor
Card layout design is enhanced with easy to use drag and drop methodology. Design your cards & forms to include photos, signature, fingerprints, graphics, fixed and variable text fields.

Layouts may be formatted for: 

Barcode Printing Encoding Magnetic Stripe Information

Encoding Contact and/or Contactless Smart Cards 


Please contact us by e-mail to learn more about Gun Keeper or call 1-800-742-2273 to speak directly to a PlastiCard consultant.

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