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Keeping Children Safe

Today's educators and administrators must balance the need to keep schools safer while maintaining or even reducing operating costs. PlastiCard's ID card systems cost-effectively protect your students and staff with personalized identification so the focus goes back where it belongs - in the classroom. With on-site card printers, you control when you print your school's student and faculty identification cards and how much information each card requires.

PlastiCard's modular solutions are available for all types of academic institutions and may be customized to meet your school's current needs and easily expanded as your needs grow. K-12 school systems will appreciate the low cost of ownership and added security of full color photo ID's that quickly identify who belongs on school grounds and who does not. Colleges and Universities can design a multi-purpose card that provides identification, medical conditions, emergency numbers, book and food purchases, sporting event attendence and more.   

With PlastiCard on-demand printing of student and faculty IDs, you can combine all the necessary functions of the ID card with the added security and convenience and control that only an on-site printer can provide.

PlastiCard solutions are ideal for:

Photo ID for students, faculty and staff Visitors and contractors management
Parking lot control Cash-free vending 

Please contact us for a free needs analysis and more information about PlastiCard's complete line of ID card systems, supplies, and services.  

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