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Parking Lot Control

Control the Flow of Traffic into Your Parking Lots

Parking has never been at more of a premium.  A system designed to provide a fair distribution of available garages and surface parking spaces is a must. Just as important is keeping out unauthorized vehicles while allowing easy access for deliveries and repeat visitors.

PlastiCard's proven and cost-effective ID card systems make controlling the flow of traffic in and out of your facility fast and secure.  Our plastic cards may be printed with colorful, easily recoginzed logos and photos for positive identification at the point of access - your first line of security.  You can also customize your system by adding signatures, fingerprints, magnetic stripes, tracking and more.

It's simple, fast and effective.  Please contact us to learn more about PlastiCard's parking lot identification and tracking systems and learn how to control the flow of traffic in and around your institution.


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