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Cash-free Vending

Reduce Costs and Improve Service and Sales with Cash-Free Vending  

Now there's a way for schools, corporations, healthcare institutions and others using vending machines to reduce administration costs and increase sales with a cash-free card vending systemfrom PlastiCard.  Cash-free vending reduces lines and has been known to increase sales by as much as 30% over coin machines and canteen till locations.  And cash-free card vending is more reliable than traditional coin vending where jams and downtime are frequent.   

PlastiCard's cash-free card vending system also allows different levels of pricing subsides or free vending for permanent and temporary staff, contractors and visitors.  The system also provides comprehensive financial controls with highly accurate accounting information for your vending and catering suppliers.  Cash-free card systems may also be used by colleges and universities in bookstores, and by hospitals in gift shops, and may be incorporated into photo ID card solutions.

Please contact us for a free needs analysis and more information about PlastiCard's complete line of cash-free ID card systems, supplies, and services.  


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