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Security Verification

Access a Safer Workplace

The old metal key has given way to more secure programmable access cards. Access control programs from PlastiCard can provide selective and controlled access to locations, equipment and services. Unlike metal keys, access can be controlled by time and date and may be granted or denied on a moments notice protecting people and assets to create a safer workplace. During a time of emergency access can be denied or granted to all or to a pre-approved list of emergency personnel.

PlastiCard systems allow you quickly and easily download employee names directly from your HR databases and may be linked to your time and attendence system. You can also customize your access cards to include company logos, individual names and photos, barcode stripes, fingerprints, signatures and more.

PlastiCard access control solutions include applications such as:

Proximity access control cards Smart Cards
Mifare cards Magnetic strip cards of all values
Single and multiple level bar code cards

Please contact us for a free needs analysis and to learn more about PlastiCard's complete line of secure access control systems, supplies and services.


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