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Visitor Identification

Positive Visitor Identification and Tracking

Visitor identification and tracking is a major concern for building security and company management as homeland security becomes part of our everyday life. It's a long known fact that the weakest point in a building's security is the front door. The most expensive and sophisticated security system will be no help preventing intruders if an effective visitor management strategy from PlastiCard is not in place. 

PlastiCard's ID Keeper visitor system can be tailored to your company's particular needs.  An example of a highly secure system would include:

  • The gate attendant enters the visitor's name phone number, destination, and takes photo, optional fingerprint
  • The visitor signs the electronic signature pad
  • A badge or label is printed out with visitor's name, photo, destination and badge number
  • The visitor can now pass their badge or fingerprint through a reader when entering and departing
  • The visitor's photo pops up on the monitor positively identifying the visitor
  • The date/time and gate number is recorded into the database when the identification card is passed through the card reader
  • Pre-authorized visits can be recorded into the Appointment book from the authorization person's office for faster sign-in with minimum data entry

Please contact us for a free needs analysis and to learn more about PlastiCard's complete line of visitor ID systems, supplies and services. 

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