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Membership & Staff Photo ID

Photo ID Cards and Badges for Members Only

Clubs and organizations are designed to be exclusive.  PlastiCard's proven photo identification and tracking systems allow you to take control of the comings and goings of club members and staff with fast and easy positive photo identification.  Best of all, you can custom design your system to choose the level of security you need to ensure those entering are actual members and not using a friend's card to gain access.    

Here's how it works. Members and staff are enrolled by entering name, phone, department, Id number, photo and optional fingerprint into the database. They pass their identification card through a reader at the entrance when they enter or depart. The cardholder's photo, fingerprint authorization and other related data pops up on the monitor positively identifying that person. Date/time and gate number are recorded into the database when the identification card is passed through the card reader.

It's simple, fast and secure. To learn more about PlastiCard's customizeable photo ID systems for clubs and organizations, please contact us to receive a free needs analysis and keep your club for members only.

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